Monday, October 27, 2008

Think Twice Before You Light Up..

This is not a post in support of Dr. Ramadoss' smoking ban (even though that is the ONLY good thing that the useless fellow has managed to do in 4 years).
This is about the millions of beautiful crackers that go up every year this time.
DON'T LIGHT CRACKERS THIS YEAR. Please. Here are 5 reasons why:
5. Do u really feel we need any more smoke to choke our lungs and those of the kids for whom we light the crackers? do we need more noise to cloud our thinking?
4. Heard the words Global Recession? Starvation? Poverty? Do you think u should still BURN money?
2. Kuppuswamy
1. Chithra - these are the best kept secrets of the fireworks industry in sivakasi. These three kids, all injured in explosions in fireworks factories, now hide their disfigured bodies at home away from disgusted stares. these are only 3 out of god-knows-how-many kids.
Don't Do It. Please.


Vijayta said... there still are people..who care for the environment..
good on you!!

the stygian sailor said...

this ban on smoking was not a good idea after all. see how badly the recession is hitting us.
at least those software ppl who get laid off their jobs could ve earned a living by selling cigs :)